photos: corey rankin

At the intersection of art and science, Sentient I , 2018 is revisiting vibrant matter through the magnification of microscopic movements, nonhuman self-trajectory behaviours and sensorial experience. In Sentient I , 2018 the motion of particles current and the immersive soundscape become the core of a living environment. The multinucleate, single cell Physarum polycephalum is expanding and contracting at constant rate through a network of trans- vascular ‘veins’ while foraging for food. It is immersing the spectator into an equal human and nonhuman life relationship while triggering deep ancestral and organic sounds. In addition to the video, the printed acrylic disc is capturing the essence of the collaborative multi-headed growth in its apex of life force. It shows one of several experiments that the artist undertook during six month of culturing Physarum polycephalum in a petri dish with agar, flakes and powder oat and Valeriana Officinalis roots.

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