artist statement

My work as a contemporary artist across video, installation, sound and soft sculptures, is predicated upon the influences of diverse cultural and physical environments. I create artworks incorporating sound, sculptural strategies, video, photography and contexts of encounter representative of my ongoing engagements with everyday materials, organic matter, personal digital media technologies, fields of perception and animist cosmologies. Directly interacting with the material, I inject myself into the space I construct and play with the mechanics of sensory and colour perception, fusing the tactile with the visual and sonic. I create interactive and immersive installations that interrogate the mutability of human perception.

During the process I notice and record transient phenomena of fascination, find and retrieve industrial discards, listens to the world and toothers voices, travels and immerse myself in unfamiliar social situations; then, gathering, combining, listening again, threading, experimenting, stacking, tying, re-viewing, editing, I forge vibratory coalescences of matter, light, energy, sound and forms.

My sculpture and installation projects explore poetic and transformational potentials of the mass-produced objects and things that surround us - that we use every day – and the correlative materiality of the hidden, discarded by-products of their industrial manufacture.

In the last solo exhibition – Marta Ferracin, recent works, 2016 – I had an opportunity to speculate on the implications and future directions of an increasing environmental self-awareness, to explore our innate human sense of wonder while questioning the complex ways in which we now interact with our earthly habitat, other species, the ancient universe and the techno- digital systems of our recent invention.

Ferracin is an Italian born artist, living and working in Sydney. In 2016-2018 Ferracin completed the Master of Fine Arts (by research), Arts and Social Science, at Sydney College of the Arts in Sydney. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) majoring in painting from the National Art School in 2014. In 2014 and 2015 she was the recipient of the NAS Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement for her final BFA year as well as her Honours thesis project. In 2013 she was awarded the Ricia Marie Prize for talent and excellence. Her video and installation works have been shown in various solo and group exhibitions in Sydney, including YAI-13 and YAI-14 at MContemporary and Without Gravity at MOP Projects, 2014. During a three-month residency at Largo das Artes International Art Residency program in Rio de Janeiro in 2015, Ferracin exhibited a new acoustic installation, Techno Entheogen. She later adapted this installation to an Australian context (Materia Vibrante, Sonora 2016) and exhibited at Articulate project space in Sydney in early 2016. In Brazil she also performed her first public action installation called Barato (Cheap) in 2015. Ferracin viewed this as a cultural “utopic exchange” between mass- produced items and the creative artwork of Rio’s homeless habitants. Ferracin most recent artwork is an Italian cultural project called ‘The Italian Talkative Square’ (La Piazza Parlante), a site-specific installation that consists of acoustic and sculptural elements. This project is sponsored by the Canada Bay Council and Art Pharmacy and has been installed for two years at Fred Kelly Place in Five Dock (December 2016-2018). During MFA and for SCA New Contemporaries, Ferracin created Sentient (2017), and Sentient I (2018), two immersive multimedia installations that engage both organic material and natural phenomena such as growing and decomposing, intertwined with a time-lapse and light microscopy videos of multinucleate single cell Physarum polycephalum, as well as a looping meditative sound and light effects. Both works are questioning what means to be sentient being in a contemporary world.

reference: gary warner curatorial text for the exhibition marta ferracin recent works, 2016

2016/2018   Master of Fine Arts (by research), Arts and Social Science, Sydney College of the Arts, NSW, Sydney
2014   Bachelor of Fine Art Honours (First Class), National Art School, NSW, Sydney
2013   Bachelor of Fine Art, National Art School, NSW, Sydney
2004   Bachelor of Design in Communication Design, Billy Blue School
    of Graphic Arts, Sydney - Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne
solo exhibitions
2017   Spell, curator Vicky Browne, Sydney College of the Arts Galleries,Sydney
2016/2018   The Italian Talkative Square, Canada Bay Council, Art Pharmacy, Five Dock
2016   Marta Ferracin recent works, curator Gary Warner, Articulate Project Space, Sydney
2015   Whispering Colours, Factory 49, Sydney
    Techno Entheogen and Barato, curator Carla Hermann and Bernardo Jose’ de
    Souza, Largo das Artes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2014   Without Gravity, MOP Projects, Sydney
group exhibitions
2018   SCA New Contemporaries , Sydney College of the Arts Galleries, Sydney
    Echoes 2: Transpositions SYD – BER , Rosalux Project Space, Berlin, Germany
    Ferret 1-2-3-4-5, Articulate project space, Sydney
2017   Sentient (MFA), SCA galleries, Sydney
    MCA ArtBar, curator Julie Rrap, MCA, Sydney
    Solidarity, Articulate project space, Sydney
    Sculpture at Scenic World, Scenic World, Katoomba
    Sculpture Otherwise, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Katoomba
2016   Articulate Turns Six: What Next? , Articulate project space, Sydney
    Invisible Matter, curator Bianca Hester, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney
    Playing with Perspectives, curator Art Pharmacy, Deloitte, Sydney
2015   Have Your Say, Articulate Project Space, Sydney
    Sync, curator Fernarda Lopes, Largo das Artes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Young Artists Initiative YAI-14, .M Contemporary Gallery, Sydney
  Feral, Articulate Project Space, Sydney
2014   1/2 Way, Library Stairwell Gallery, National Art School
    Digi-net#2, Cell Block Theatre, National Art School, Sydney
    Young Artists Initiative YAI-13, .M Contemporary Gallery, Sydney
    The Combine, DoubleYou Studio, Sydney
2013   BFA final year show, National Art School, Sydney
    Digi#1, Cell Block Theatre, National Art School, Sydney
    Nas Drawing Week Exhibition: Field Work to Folio, Xavier Art Space, Sydney
    The Grid, Project Space, National Art School, Sydney
    Vagina Dialogue, Library Stairwell Gallery, National Art School, Sydney
    Back to Paper, DoubleYou Studio, Sydney
2012   Landscape, Project Space, National Art School, Sydney
    Meeting Point, Xavier Art Space, Fonas, Sydney
2017   Cultural Competence – Aboriginal Sydney certificate, Coursera, The University of Sydney
    Selected artist Premio Arte Laguna, Reuse Recycle Reduce Paper (RRR) as Art and Design, Venice, Italy
2015   Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in the Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours)
2014   Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in the Bachelor of Fine Art
2013   Winner, Ricia Marie Price
    Finalist, John Olsen Prize
2012   Winner, Blankcanvas Co Materials Award, 2nd Year painting student
    Winner, 2nd Year Drawing Award, Friends of the National Art School
2011   Winner, Jocelyne Maughan Sketchbook Price, National Art School
artist talk
2017   Art+Science Connect, MAAS, NSW, Sydney
2015   Largo das Artes International Art Residency Program, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2018   Culture at Work, Artist-led Australian Research Institute, Pyrmont, NSW, Sydney
volunteering / assisting
2018   21st Biennale of Sydney , Cockatoo Island and Carriageworks, Sydney
2016   20th Biennale of Sydney , Cockatoo Island and Carriageworks, Sydney
    Lee Mingwei -Guernica in Sand installation, Carriageworks, Sydney
2014   19th Biennale of Sydney , Cockatoo Island, Sydney
    Kaldor Public Project #28: Roman Ondak , Town Hall, Parramatta, Sydney
    Naomi Troski installation , Sydney Lyric Theatre, Sydney
2012   18th Biennale of Sydney , Cockatoo Island, Sydney